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Forrest Davis is an Enrolled Agent who has been in tax practice since 1986. During that time, he has prepared thousands of tax returns for individual and business clients. He also teaches and publishes extensively in the field, and has been an adjunct instructor at Brown Mackie College. He is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and serves as an board member for the Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents and for the Southern Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents.

Davis emphasizes tax aspects for real estate in his practice. A long-time real estate investor and homeowner, he understands real estate tax considerations firsthand. He has held an Arizona real estate sales license since 1985.

Davis earned a bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University and completed graduate studies at Arizona State University. He also is a principal in Desert Horizons Business Group, LLC. Previously, he served as Chief Administrative Officer for a software retail chain and spent more than a decade in public relations and publishing.

Davis was one of the first tax preparers in the nation to file returns electronically when the IRS initiated a pilot program in Phoenix, AZ, in 1986. Long an advocate of computer technology, he implemented computerized tax preparation early and has assisted many clients to benefit from computerized business information.

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