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2022 Contribution limits for Arizona credits
Credit Single/HOH Married Give by
Qualifying Charities $400 $800 Apr. 15, 2023
Foster Care $500 $1,000 Apr. 15, 2023
Public Schools $200 $400 Apr. 15, 2023
Private Schools (STO) $1,243 $2,483 Apr. 15, 2023
Military Families $200 $400 Dec. 31, 2022

2023 Credit Limits
2023 Contribution limits for Arizona credits
Credit Single/HOH Married Give by
Qualifying Charities $400 $800 Apr. 15, 2024
Foster Care $500 $1,000 Apr. 15, 2024
Public Schools $200 $400 Apr. 15, 2024
Private Schools (STO) $1,307 $2,609 Apr. 15, 2024
Military Families $200 $400 Dec. 31, 2023

Arizona offers five kinds of "dollar-for-dollar" charitable donation credits, so here's a great way to do some good for the community and for yourself at the same time.

You get a dollar off your state tax for each dollar you donate, up to the program limit. Under new federal rules, however, those donations generally no longer count as charitable contributions on your federal return.

Feeling generous? You can donate for more than one of the tax credits. In fact, you can give for all four tax credits, if your tax situation allows.

Contributions that are within the limits but more than your tax carry over to future years.

It's not often you can end up on the winning end of a tax law, and four of the credits allow donations up to Apr. 15. Do yourself a favor and tell the state legislature how to spend some of its budget by checking out these Arizona tax credits.

Some popular
Tucson charities
Tucson foster
care organizations
Beacon Group Arizona Baptist Childrens Services
Big Brothers Big Sisters Aviva Childrens Services
Casas de los Ninos CASA Support Council
Catholic Community Services GAP Ministries
Christian Prison Ministries La Paloma Family Services
Community Food Bank More Than a Bed
Goodwill Industries Spreading Threads Clothing Bank
Gospel Rescue Mission  
Habitat for Humanity Tucson STO's
Interfaith Community Services Alternative Schools Scholarship Fund
La Frontera Center Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation
Make Way For Books Arizona Independent Schools Scholarship Foundation
Pima Council on Aging Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation
Primavera Foundation Arizona's Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO)
Salvation Army Tucson Center for Educational Scholarships
Teen Challenge Christian Scholarship Fund of Arizona
Tu Nidito Institute for Better Education (IBE)
YMCA/YWCA Jewish Education Tax Credit Organization (JETCO)
Youth On Their Own Southern Arizona Foundation for Education - SAFE Lutheran

For more information on all four credits, download this brochure or visit AzCredits.org or the Arizona Department of Revenue.

You may donate conveniently online to charitable organizations and for private schools at AzTaxCreditFunds.com or The Arizona Tax Credit Site. For just Tucson organizations, visit TucsonTaxCreditFunds.com