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Countdown to April 15:

Make your tax appointment online

Now you can set your tax appointment online. Check available times anytime, day or night. Just go to our Appointments page.

Need to change an appointment you've already scheduled? You can do that online, too.

What to do at the last minute

First, tax appointments are still available if you haven't yet gotten your return prepared. Weekday, evening and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience. Call or email now!

We can still prepare straightforward returns until Apr. 12. For more complicated returns and real last-minute returns, we will apply for extensions. While extensions are for six months, we can do the return right after Apr. 15 so you don't have to stay in suspense. By working on extension rather than rushing, however, we can take the time to do the most thorough return for you and be sure you are paying no more taxes that you should.

Need a tax organizer to help pull everything together for tax time? Visit our Worksheets & Forms page for helpful worksheets.

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How much can I deduct?

Many charities provide donation receipts without giving a value. If you need to determine how much to claim for your donations, check these sites:

Where's my refund?

Click here to get an instant answer from the IRS. You'll need the exact dollar amount of your refund, Social Security number and filing status.

For Arizona refunds, visit Check Refund Status.

Limited partnership annual reports due by Apr. 30

If you have a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), an Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) or a Family Limited Partnership (FLP), an annual report must be filed by April 30. Regular Limited Partnerships (LP) do not have to file.

The fee is $3 for annual reports received by the Arizona Secretary of State's office between Jan. 1 and Apr. 30. Late fee is $28 for returns filed May 1 through Dec. 31.

Forms are available for download and may be mailed or dropped off at the Tucson or Phoenix Secretary of State's office.

Calendar reminders

  • Arizona business personal property tax statements are due Tuesday, Apr. 1
  • Individual and partnership (LLC) tax returns are due Tuesday, Apr. 15
  • 1st quarter (January-March) estimated tax payments are due Apr. 15
  • Limited partnership and LLP annual reports are due by Apr. 30
  • Quarterly sales tax returns are due Apr. 20, but will be accepted as timely if postmarked by Apr. 25