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Enrolled Agent
Saturday, Nov 18, 2017

Give and get back more

Arizona offers four kinds of "dollar-for-dollar" charitable donation credits, so here's a great way to do some good for the community and for yourself at the same time.

You get a dollar off your state tax for each dollar you donate, up to the program limit. But it's more than that, because those donations also count as charitable contributions on your federal return as well. So if you are in a 25% federal tax bracket, you get back $1.25 for each dollar you give.

Feeling generous? You can donate for more than one of the tax credits. In fact, you can give for all four tax credits, if your tax situation allows.

It's not often you can end up on the winning end of a tax law, but most of the credits require donations be received by Dec. 31. Do yourself a favor and tell the state legislature how to spend some of its budget by checking out these Arizona tax credits:

For more information on all four credits, download this brochure.

Shred on Jan. 16

Dispose of your old tax papers and other sensitive documents securely Jan. 16 at the Southern Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents' shred-a-thon.

It will be held in the Target parking lot at 6500 E. Grant Rd. (at Tanque Verde). It is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon, but arrive early because the event will stop when the trucks are filled.

For more info, visit http://sacea.org/shred/.

Year-end planning

Now's the time to start thinking about how to minimize your tax liability for this year. If you'd like to discuss your tax situation, please contact me for an appointment.

Here are a few "top of the list" tips:

  1. Maximize your retirement contributions, whether to a 401(k), IRA or other "qualified plan."
  2. Pay ahead: paying now for spring semester tuition, spring property taxes, upcoming work-related expenses, charitable donations and other things can give you a tax deduction this year.
  3. Clear out your closets now to take charitable donations on this year's return
  4. Put in energy efficient improvements now to your home to qualify for tax breaks.
  5. If you have poorly performing investments that you want to dump, sell them now to take the losess this year.
  6. If there's income that you don't need to receive now and it can be put off, wait until after Jan. 1 so it will appear on your tax return in a year from now instead of in just a few months.

Download handy worksheets and organizers

Our Downloads page offers a variety of tax organizers, worksheets and forms to help you make sense of your tax records ... and also make sure you don't overlook anything. Feel free to browse our library when you need something.

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